Summary of the dangerous delusions of

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Summary of the dangerous delusions of

Effects of fashion on youth Summary the dangerous delusions of energy independence essay Zuckerman makes a lot of claims and puts forth a lot of ideas with not very much convincing evidence to back up his ideas. Bryce does not stop with the political payoffs. Oil production in the U.

Purse alternative energy technologies within limits of the market. Since postthe words oil and terriorist have been a major concern, politicians and news also have promoted heavily on this idea.

That will probably not change during the next three to five decades. It would be most inefficient for a country to start trying to produce something they are not good at.

Gusher of Lies is the kind of wake-up call that would have saved American consumers and taxpayers billions of dollars if it had been written and understood a generation ago.

Bryce estimates that, on average, gallons of water are required to produce each gallon of ethanol. Should we throw away an entire infrastructure for an unobtainable goal? The government continues to subsidize those producing ethanol with billions of taxpayer dollars despite the damning evidence that ethanol is a huge drain on the U.

Furthermore, Bryce points out that China is going to continue growing economically, and that means Americans must pay attention to that country and work with it, not against it. The author wins my heart right off by zeroing in on politicians who are the most susceptible of all in promising comfort energy independence in return for votes-power I assume.

Instead of throwing away billions of dollars producing inferior oil substitutes like corn ethanol and keeping armies in the volatile Middle East in an attempt to secure oil supplies, Bryce makes the strong case that it is time for American political leaders to understand how counterproductive it is to target energy independence.

To make matters worse, despite what environmentalists and others usually those ready to make a personal profit from the alternative fuel claim, all of the alternatives to oil share some combination of characteristics that make Summary the dangerous delusions of energy independence essay poor substitutes: Those who push for alternatives, of the current stock, have no concept of the energy market that we currently function in.

From the beginning of time trade is so important. I had read this book a little while back and it seemed to be a lot of BS, but I could not quite figure out why.

Summary of the dangerous delusions of

Indeed, a reader of this book is going to receive mega-doses of reality. And America is divided into two camps: Those who believe the political classes in this country have created a colossal mess in the energy industry will find Gusher of Lies very helpful.

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We should be drilling and exploring, and not shutting off areas with pointless environmental debates. Need to actively engage Caused even larger subsidies for corn producers for ethanol America is too needy for oil, global market is too sophisticated and integrated for US to secede.

I also really liked one small aside in the book he wrote to specifically refute Thomas Friedman, writer of The World Is Flat. We should be doing things to make the petroleum market more efficient.

There is a lot of solid technical chapters on alternative energy sources, such as nuclear positivesolar positivewind negativewith especially harsh commentary on ethanol that has turned the Midwest into a carbohydrate farm kept afloat with massive subsidies that have mainly gone to agribusinesses, ignoring the skyrocketing use of water not to mention the high fossil fuel use to grow and process the alternative fuel, all the international distortions from tortilla riots and palm plantations development, etc.

This is cold comfort, given the hardcore statism that dominates our politics, but it is good to know that at least one energy expert has blown the whistle on this scam. It is important to note that Bryce is not a person of the right. As bad as these facts are, perhaps the most appalling side effect of producing large corn crops for ethanol purposes is that a vast amount of water, another limited resource, is being squandered to raise those crops.

I am not going to do an exhaustive review here, because he makes all of the points a lot better than I can but as someone working in the energy business I can say that I learned a great deal about my own industry and how amazingly stupid our government can be when it decides to dabble in the free market economy.

Claims the idea of achieving energy independence to national security. Stop the Energy Insanity, Mortimer Zuckerman suggests to address the energy crisis the government has Summary the dangerous delusions of energy independence essay.

We will be less likely to ignore the dilemma of buying resources from anti-American nations, and more likely to accept that we must engage in all manners of supporting and building a sustainable world of trade and commerce.

Research and development, improve transportation systems, raise fuel economy standards, increase gas tax and provide tax cuts for people to buy fuel efficient vehicles. Simply put, at present there is no alternative fuel, or combination of fuels, capable of replacing the fossil fuels on which the country now depends for its energy needs.

Bryce is particularly scornful of the ethanol scam that is making some farmers, and at least one major agribusiness, Archer Daniels Midland, wealthy at the expense of the rest of us because he believes that biofuels are more expensive and more destructive than the fossil fuels they replace.

I would give this book to anyone who told me about "Energy Independence. Anyone with an interest in energy or foreign policy. He provides a good history of oil production both in the United States and abroad, giving this book a vast scope.

Contradictory to economic, military, political, environmental — makes no sense.

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Equally disturbing is the fact that ethanol production probably makes global warming, if it in fact exists, worse instead of better because the production cycle of ethanol, from raising the corn crop to creating the finished product, results in carbon dioxide emissions that are 50 percent greater than those produced by simply using fossil fuels.

Address consumption by raising fuel efficiency in vehicles, change the source of supply from foreign oil to domestic supply by drilling offshore in the gulf of Mexico or Arctic national Wildife Refuge in Alaska. Americans have the idea that foreign oil or energy is bad.A chemical formula is a way of expressing information about the proportions of atoms that constitute a particular chemical compound, using a single line of chemical element symbols and numbers.

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