Q a competitive advantage

Tom Baeyens April 30, Most of them are stored as knowledge in employees heads. Those processes get established with a lot of try and error and discussions to resolve how to get things done collaboratively.

Q a competitive advantage

Nadja is the co-founder of PaymentCounsel and a gifted Speaker at Payments Conferences around the world. In this interview, Nadja explores in great detail how legal Compliance can be transformed into a competitive advantage for your business. Nadja, compliance requirements are often perceived as a complex set of rules and regulations that limit business opportunities.

How can these regulations be transformed into a competitive advantage? During the initial phase of setting up their business in Europe, they are still free to choose the best location and adapt processes to best fit the needs of their organization.

From a legal and regulatory Risk Management perspective, there are different ways in which the entire framework of your Anti-Money Laundering AML Program can create a competitive advantage: Choosing the right home country Implementing a risk-based holistic approach Competition in Europe is severe, in a heavily fragmented payments industry with a growing number of heavy players and disruptive start-ups.

All the more reason for Payment Service Providers PSPsAcquirers and other Financial Institutions involved in e-Commerce, to explore ways to stand out, add value and gain a stronger competitive position. Fast and smooth Onboarding: Most merchants erroneously believe that opening a Merchant account differs from opening a Bank account.

When opening a Bank account, customers reluctantly accept the amount of documentation they are required to submit. Some merchants have little patience for a payment company with a long list of Compliance requirements.

Exceptional customer experience is what merchants expect, nothing less. What do you consider, when choosing the right country? Speed of PI license application? Member states and financial institutions are left to interpret AML regulations as they see fit, leading to different processes for CDD across Europe and its players.

Use these differences to your business advantage! Stringent CDD requirements that companies need to adhere to could potentially dissuade foreign investors and companies from settling in that country in the near future.

Some regulators perceive Card-not-Present CNP transactions as such a high risk that they unnecessarily overregulate in order to cover any eventuality, without taking market reality into consideration.

With the continuous emergence of new technology trends, the world is moving into an environment that is increasingly characterised by CNP payment transactions and regulators need to keep up with a new market. The requirements for RBA have changed. Sometimes it is also referred to as an enhanced risk-based approach.

While some might say that the new regulations and rules around risk-based approach have become more flexible, many would argue that it has become more complicated for organisations to define what rules and regulations and which Due Diligence requirements they need to comply with.

This negative perception comes from people who do not understand or appreciate what the work of a Compliance Officer entails. The tick-box approach to KYC is counter-productive and intended merely to satisfy the regulator, but does not assist in identifying the real risks a Merchant may pose.We had a sustainable competitive advantage over the competition because of all the hard work we put in over the years.

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Competitive Advantage ardatayazilim.com marketing management orientation in which the organisations focus on its own internal capabilities, rather than on the desires of the marketplace, is called Previous Next This is the end of the preview. Competitive Advantage in Technology Intensive Industries In more abstract terms, one can say that a firm has a competitive advantage when it is able to create more economic value than its rivals.

Q a competitive advantage

What Makes Focus on Competitive Advantage So Different? The structure of this event is unique because you get to learn how to make more money in simple ways.

Chapter 8.

Q a competitive advantage

Competitive Firms and Markets We have learned the production function and cost function, the question now is: how much to produce such that firm can maximize his profit? The Walt Disney Company's main competitive advantage is their diverse array of media and entertainment subsidiaries (e.g.

The Walt Disney Studios, Disney/ABC Television Group, ESPN, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Lines, Disney .

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